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IGN: FarikoBears
By FarikoBears » 3 months ago
STAFF APPLICATION | Welcome to our application template! If you’re a new player, great. If you’re an old player, even greater. We’re all here to make L3gitn00bz better. If you’re here to support that same belief, it’s our job to find you and have you join the best staff team on Minecraft!​


What is it like being a staff member? It’s hard, it’s easy, and it’s fun. If that statement was confusing to you, don't worry, you read it right. There’s times when being a staff member isn’t so great and there’s times when having authority and the ability to inflict change to others brings great self-appreciation. We all have our fair share of negative experiences but for a majority of it.. we do it because we love it. If you truly believe that you have what it takes to join this spectacular team, we can only wish you the best of luck on your application.​

To apply, simply copy/paste and complete this application with honest responses and submit a thread in the Staff Applications section. While not necessary, feel absolutely free to include any aesthetics or visuals that you feel would help us grasp your personality. 

Personal Information
In this section, we'd like to gather as much personal information about you as possible. Answer these questions openly and honestly, not doing so can only hurt you in the future.

Minecraft Username:
Previous In-Game Names:
Current Age

L3g1tn00bz Information
Now we're moving onto your Desteria life! Let us know (again, honestly) your L3g1tn00bz information. A majority of these questions do influence your chance of approval and can be doubled-checked through our system.

Average Daily Hours:
Main Realm(s):
Month Joined L3g1tnoobz
Faction Name(s):

Detailed Questions
If you've made it this far, welcome to the most exciting part- the part that matters most. Please be as open and unique as possible with your replies.

Question 1: Have you ever been punished or banned on Desteria? If so, why - and why should this not affect your chances?

Question 2: From everything you’ve learned about this position, players and our server, tell us how you feel you’d make a contribution.

Question 3: If you could start as a new player again, what would you do differently? What mistakes were made, and what have you learned?

Question 4: Do you frequently use our L3g1tn00bz Discord and have a working microphone?

Question 5: Do you have any previous experience with moderation/staffing on servers?(tell us about it if you have)

Question 6: What issues / situations frustrate you the most on L3g1tn00bz?

Question 7: Why should we choose you as staff over somebody else?

Detailed Response
Question 8: Is there any other information you might think is useful for us to know / is there anything else we should know?


BE PATIENT | Our staff waves occur bi-weekly (every two weeks), as close to the start and middle of the month as possible. Applications can be accepted or denied - or put on hold - anytime within these two weeks. 

REQUIREMENTSEnsure that you meet all of the basic requirements before applying for staff to prevent yourself from being dis-heartened when you are automatically denied based on the fact you didn't meet the requirements.