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IGN: FarikoBears
By FarikoBears » 3 months ago
Staff selection process
Staff members and players on Desteria are regularly promoteddemotedremoved from, or brought onto the team. While the decision is made by myself, potential candidates are filtered through our staff team and administrators; and additional input is always welcome. 

This thread is a platform for players who would like to offer their opinions and ideas on other players whom they think would make a good staff member. Players may also recommend promotions of current staff members. Note that demotion recommendations are not to be posted here and are to be PM'd directly to me.

 Recommendation form
Please copy and fill out the form below, and post it as a reply to this thread. 

Recommendations must be made of one's own free will. Asking for, or forcing other players to make recommendations can result in disqualification. Make sure to be genuine and detailed in your response, recommendations that are not serious will be removed. All posts that do not follow the following format will also be removed without notice.

USERNAME: The username // forum name of the player you're recommending.
RECOMMENDATION: Recruitment or Promotion
DETAILED RESPONSE: Minimum response length of 5 sentences. Let us know WHY this player deserves to be promoted or hired.​